Big Mike & the Blu City All Stars

St. Louis Rock 'n' Rhythm 'n' Soul

“Big Mike Aguirre from Belleville, IL appeared solo last night at BB's Jazz Blues & Soups. He instantly captured the audience with a commanding presence, a bagful of original tunes with up-front lyrics, and some well selected blues covers. He is a star. Hope to see him and his Blu City All Stars on the East Coast in the future.”

— Kent Kirkland, Connecticut Blues Society

“I’ve had the pleasure of booking Big Mike at both indoor and outdoor venues and his stage presence works equally well in both settings.  Whether he’s playing in an intimate theatre or to a crowd of hundreds lounging in the park, he’s got everyone’s attention and knows how to work the crowd. He’s a true entertainer and is backed by a solid group of musicians. With his professionalism and dedication to his music, I can sit back and enjoy the show knowing everyone else is doing the same.”  


Katie Grable, CPRP, Assistant Director, City of Edwardsville Parks Dept.

"Big Mike doesn't rest on the labels "artist" or "musician." He goes beyond that to also include "entertainer," someone who is able to capture the audience from the moment he steps on stage and hold them until the very last note. Many artists try to do that, but few deliver. Aguirre does so in a big way, leaving audiences wanting more and walking out humming the infectious melodies he has gifted them with. "

— Bob Bennett, Artistic Director - Jazz St. Louis

“At Blues City Deli we have featured Live Music in some way, shape, or form since we opened our doors in 2004. Although it is sometimes difficult because of the logisitics of the deli. But with that being said a band like Big Mike Aguirre and The Blu City All Stars makes it all worth while. The band always brings it...110% effort everytime. Great music that hits you in the gut and you never want them to stop the show NEVER ! There's always alot of smiles and hugs after everytime they've played at BCD. They're that good!”

— Vinnie Valenza, Owner - Blues City Deli

“Talent buyers don’t always get to book bands they are fans of - so I’m always pumped when I get a chance to work with Mike. Mike is a pro and only backs himself with the best of the best; Masterful musicians who love what they do. I know when I book Mike I’m going to get a fantastic performance and good communication leading up to the show.”

— Patrick Zundel
Entertainment St. Louis/
Taste of St. Louis

“Big Mike Aguirre has been immersing himself in true groove and blues for over a decade and now has sprouted into something amazing. The professionalism, heart and soul for his passion of playing the blues flows. & He not only continues to show why he is an asset to St. Louis Music, but also why he is long overdue for a prime spot.”

— Alonzo Townsend,

Knox Entertainment, KDHX 88.1 FM, St. Louis Blues Society

“Thanks to all who came out to this very special show! It was a success indeed and an obvious good fit of talent and venue. When you see a band make a venue debut like that you don't forget it. Boy, that guy can sang! And if you can't figure out what the difference is aside from the obvious front man, that rhythm section was a machine. Kevin on drums is so damn good it is like the precision of a great chef. It is just perfect, machine like but also with such a nice sense of the song. What an absolute master. And Andy on bass made his Joe's debut. Andy has been coming to Joe's for years and is a very accomplished musician. It was far past time for him to be up there and he just held it down all night. And how about the vocal chops on all those guys?! Nate on keys is a perfect fit with that group and was so much fun. What a great group! (It should also be noted that Nate can load heavy amps into the back of a car by himself like an Olympic weight lifter and is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.) And the horns! Three sax lineup on the floor! Now that's a Joe's show. The double tenor and big guy combined for quite a brass section. Big Mike sure knows how to put a band together and these guys were really the cherry on top!”

- John Parker, Joe’s Cafe Concerts.

“Talented and extremely charismatic, Big Mike delivers the goods: strong vocal performances that dig deep into soul and blues alike. Big Mike should not be missed...”

- Chris Ruest, Austin TX

“Three things define Big Mike Aguirre as an artist: immense talent, tremendous showmanship, and boundless professionalism. Over our decade-plus relationship, he has never been less than a joy to work with.”

- Corey Woodruff, St. Louis MO

“Big Mike Aguirre brings a combination of guitar talent, the ability to absolutely own the room, and his outstanding vocal ability to every stage he plays. Showman extraordinaire!”

- Dave Beardsley,

“We have a lot of musicians come threw this area of the Caribbean but I can honestly say that Michael is one of the most talented, professionals I’ve seen here at Dinghys!”

Jeff Birchenough - Dinghy’s Beach Bar & Grill, Water Island, US Virgin Islands

As a bandleader, I'm always looking for cats who excel at their craft and have the discipline to do their job for the duration of the performance. Chemistry on the stage means everything. If there was ever a go-to guy, its Mike. Professional is an understatement.

- Brock Walker - Kim Massie & the Solid Senders

“Beyond your guitar prowess, your vocal range goes to the extraordinary corners of blues & soul, and your original songs carry heft. Talent AND professional habits are necessary for a successful career, and you have a reputation for both---so, good on you, and play the music!”

- Tom “Papa” Ray - Vintage Vinyl, KDHX 88.1 FM Community Radio

“Totally the 'real deal'. Was a pleasure and honour singing and performing with you and watching you in Anguilla. As I said there 'Im a fan'. Really hope you get to London soon.”

- Marcus Malone - London, UK